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Time Registration

This module is network-compatible and enables the exact recording of the start and end of work as well as the duration of the individual work processes for each work order. In addition, working time and shift models as well as surcharges can be defined, and employees working times can be managed and documented.

Operating Time Registration

Staff Times

In the time recording module, staff times with the start and end of the day as well as break times can be easily recorded. The time recording supports RFID* tokens. In this way, the identity of the person registering is established simply and reliably.

Operating Orders

The times for the items can be recorded within a work order to gain a basis for the current calculation of your articles. It is also possible to use the worker guidance for time recording to show essential processes for the current production step.

With the time booking, steps for quality control can be integrated. This ensures consistent article compliance. Serial numbers can be recorded when booking the time. This enables complete tracking of the articles.

Time Management

The time management is the central module in which the recorded data can be viewed and data records can be edited and corrected. In addition, vacation and absenteeism can be entered and the monthly billing can be easily created.

Regardless of whether flextime, shifts or just time recording - Kolibri offers you the solution for time registration in any case.


image/svg+xml Time Registration

Time Registration - Work time
Time Registration - Work time
Time Registration - Staff Time
Time Registration - Staff Time
Time Management - Overview
Time Management - Overview

* RFID radio-frequency identification (radio chips)

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