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Why We?

User Friendliness

Our Kolibri ERP * software helps you in almost all areas of your company. You work with one system only, on one database and on a uniform interface. In this way, Kolibri makes your company's day-to-day work easier and gives you an overview of all processes, see Software.


Our Kolibri software is very adaptable. We adapt it to the individual needs of your company. Programming adjustments are also possible at any time. It is our aim to incorporate these adjustments into the standard so that you can easily switch to new versions time and again.


Our Kolibri software offers more convenience for the areas of sales, production, purchasing and storage. A connection to the CAD* software Solid Egde® makes it easy to automatically transfer design data into the ERP system as article data. The demand planning provides a structured overview of procurement and manufacturing processes. The control center optimizes the use of resources in production, to name just a few advantages. Learn more about this in our Videos.


You rent our software. You only pay for modules that you use and for users who are active at the same time, not for a total package. This gives you the opportunity to invest in other things and still cover the IT area efficiently see Pricing Policy.

Customer Focus

We're not a big company. We are individually and personally committed to your needs. It is important to us that the solution put together for you runs flawlessly in practice.

Web Connection

We offer you various connection options to the Internet. Our Kolibri-webCrm* supports you in sales and service. The online spare parts catalog increases the attractiveness of your products through easy access to service information. We have created Internet pages for some customers and portals in which various service offers come together.


With us, your IT goes safely into the future. Due to a lot of experience, close contact with our customers and connections to universities, we always stay up to date. Our software runs on the Windows®, MacOS® and Linux® platforms. We would be happy to talk to you in order to find ways of working together so that you can build on your success.

* ERP Enterprise resource planning
* CAD computer-aided design
* CRM Customer relationship management

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