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Kolibri-Web consists of the following components:


Kolibri-webCrm * supports sales and service activities at the customer's site or on the road.

This is made possible by a browser-based interface that can be displayed on all end devices from mobile phones to PCs that support a modern browser.

A separate app is provided for integration in Android®.

The surface allows you to adapt it to your own wishes in a variety of ways, including individual forms.

The information shown can be configured via authorizations so that the desired data is accessible more quickly.

The various links enable you to navigate between the information intuitively.

Thus, Kolibri-webCrm is the tool that supports you in customer acquisition, and also facilitates your tasks to maintain and expand existing business relationships.

A demo version is available at with the user demo and password demo.

The most important functions at a glance:

The dashboard

The Kolibri-webCrm dashboard allows a quick overview of the required information in one step.

It can be designed with individual views and allows the desired information to be specifically selected using filters.

The graphics are interactive and allow access to further information as well as drilldown functionalities (e.g. from annual sales to monthly values).

The result is an easy-to-see working environment with quick access to your data.

webCrm - Dashboard
webCrm - Dashboard

Address management

The address management allows you to concentrate on your customers by providing the relevant information effortlessly, for example through an individually adaptable filter function, a configurable list view and structured information areas that contain, for example, a graphical overview of sales by item.

Map view is supported for address lists and optimized navigation for Google®.

Any number of contact persons can be assigned to the main addresses for further structuring of the data.

The maintenance of the master data or the design of reports is also easily possible in Kolibri-webCrm.

webCrm addresses
webCrm addresses

The search allows the required fields to be compiled in a view, the search operator to be selected, for example, “Equal to”, “Begins with” or “Between” and thus the required data can be easily called up. It is also possible to select the linking of the search fields with “And” and “Or” in order to carry out more complex searches.

When selecting values, you will be supported in many places in Kolibri-webCrm with interactive search lists that allow a quick insight into existing data. A visual full text search and also a phonetic search are possible.

webCrm - search
webCrm - search


When organizing appointments and other activities, a calendar overview should not be missing.

In Kolibri-webCrm you can easily get an overview and plan appointments even if different participants are required.

In the planning, appointments can be postponed, expanded or shortened intuitively.

webCrm - Calendar
webCrm - Calendar

In addition to the calendar overview, a list view is also available if an individual selection of the displayed fields is desired or a direct display of details.

webCrm - Calendar details
webCrm - Calendar details

Project management

A project management is integrated in Kolibri-webCrm, which enables you to maintain and coordinate projects.

The evaluation according to different criteria is also possible, as is the conversion of the recorded times into documents.


In order to support your service technicians at the customer's, device data can be called up and maintained in Kolibri-webCrm.

This saves the time required to enter the service data, and the information is always up-to-date.

There is a link to the spare parts catalog for calling up the service data, as well as a possibility to transfer the spare parts items to a document.


A document management system is integrated in Kolibri-webCrm, which allows viewing and processing of offers, order confirmations, delivery notes, invoices and credit notes.


In the article view, article data can easily be viewed in order to have the information you need available for advice at any time.

Discounts, documents, warnings and a visual sales overview by customer are integrated.

Production orders

Production orders can be viewed and debited here.

The search for various criteria is supported in order to give mobile teams a simple overview of the tasks at hand.

A time of day recording is also integrated, which enables mobile recording of times.

Production items can be booked and expenses recorded (with location coordinates if desired).


The integrated document management allows the required information to be available in every situation as if it were at your own desk.

The maintenance and creation of documents with the link to various reference data is also possible here.

In the mail management integrated in Kolibri-webCrm you can easily archive mails as documents.

Online spare-part catalog

The catalog allows service data to be presented in an interactive and multimedia way so that your customers can easily access the service information they need.

A full text search is integrated, as is the simple ordering of spare parts.

The display takes place through adaptable drawing views, alternatively a 3D representation as well as the interactive configuration of new components is supported.

Drawing data can be annotated in Kolibri and prepared for display in the online spare parts catalog.

Online warranty

The online warranty supplements the Kolibri warranty module with web functions so that service partners and customers can view the current status of their warranty applications. It is also possible to record and interactively add service cases.

* CRM Customer Relationship Management (customer care)