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To get more for your money

With you get more for your money!

Our customers don't want the cheapest price. But you want a reasonable price and good consideration accordingly.

1. Avoid unnecessary costs

2. Rent instead of buy
We are not interested in "feeding" you one-off with a large investment on your part. We are interested in winning you as a long-term partner.
To get started, there are only costs for adjustments, installation and training.
Then you can only continue with the low rental fees.
All developments that serve to adapt the general status are thus covered. For adjustments, you have the choice of commissioning them as part of product maintenance, or commissioning them as a competitive individual development. This not only keeps your ERP system up-to-date, but also offers you the opportunity to easily incorporate innovations into your company.

3. Costs in relation to benefits
In order to keep the costs incurred for you in a healthy ratio, we only calculate the costs for modules actually used as part of our rental model. In addition, we only calculate the number of users who are actively logged in at the same time and not the number of all users created in the system. Experience shows that this is a big difference!
The aim is that the regular costs should not be of great importance to you, but of course we want to maintain our forest inventory and development process at the same time as the sum of our customers.