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Devices / spare parts

Device management

With the device management, Kolibri enables optimal customer support at all times, as you have his device data in view at all times.

A freely definable number of device parameters can be recorded for service.

Complex compilations with additional devices can be managed.

In addition to the history of the owner, service support points can also be assigned.

From sales to production to maintenance, article variants can be maintained that allow a simple insight into the current configuration of the device. Criteria can be defined for the variants that allow even inexperienced devices to be configured interactively according to your specifications.

Spare Parts

Kolibri supports you in the maintenance of spare parts data, which make it possible to structure service data in an easily accessible manner.

Drawing data from CAD systems can be converted into 2D and 3D for the online catalog. Annotation is also possible so that Inhre customers can easily navigate between drawing and spare parts.

The integration of Siemens Solid Edge® enables the particularly easy transfer of article data, drawing data and 3D data and the preparation for the online catalog.


In order to manage your warranty cases, this data can be recorded and maintained in Kolibri. With the online connection, this data is also made directly accessible to customers and service partners.