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Simple and Safe

Switching to new ERP software is a daunting task for many companies. Wrong decisions quickly lead to high costs. Often the dimensions only become visible much later in daily practice. Turning back in the process is often impossible.

But what is the right way?

Get to Know Your Company

Our employees get to know your company and your ideas in initial discussions at your location or ours. We make your wishes our personal concern. Our employees will listen carefully, will advise you and will be happy to tell you about other projects.

Find Solutions

Together we will work out possible solutions. The first discussions are free of charge and completely non-binding for you. That goes without saying for us. If you do not feel understood or there are too many uncertainties, we are the wrong partner for you. But even then you will take a lot of new knowledge with you as a good basis in negotiations with other providers. Our experience and expertise will enrich your company in any case.

Plan with all Factors

Our employees will hold discussions with all affected areas in your company in a short time. This gives us an overview of the work, the concepts and the potential of your company. In order to make something tangible out of the solution approaches, our employees will work out concrete plans in further meetings as to what should be implemented and how. Our Kolibri ERP software is very flexible and can be individually adapted to your company. These follow-up appointments are billed fairly according to the effort. In our Pricing Policy, you will quickly see that the costs will be kept within a low range.

Create Transparency

The result is a service description (previously this was called a requirement specification in the IT area), which can also serve as a contractual basis. You don't want to buy the proverbial pig in a poke! If you have any doubts about your or our approach during this time, you have the option of leaving the project at any time. In any case, you will receive the service description, which not only provides an optimal basis for subsequent negotiations with whoever, but also reflects the current status of your company. Again, our collaboration will surely bring you forward.

Gradual Growth

Once Kolibri has been configured according to your wishes and your old data has already been transferred to the new system, it is time to put it into operation in practice. From our experience we know that users can generally tend to feel overwhelmed when it comes to new things. We counter this through good training courses and by only gradually activating functions in the software for each user individually, which means that users can slowly get used to the new system and getting started is much easier. One of the strengths of Kolibri is that the controls in all areas are always very similar. Once you understand the system, new areas can be opened up in no time at all.

Customize Kolibri

Despite a careful approach, it is possible that something has been forgotten or that internal or external factors in relation to your company change in the course of time so that our Kolibri software needs to be adapted in order to meet your requirements. Direct contact between our development department and our customers has proven itself at

Evolve Kolibri

For further developments, you can decide whether you want to commission these as part of the product update or whether you want an individual development. This not only means that Kolibri can always be readjusted to your needs over and over again, but that you can also benefit from innovations for other customers. We regularly inform our customers about the latest innovations.

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