Simple and safe

Switching to new ERP software is a huge challenge for many companies. Wrong decisions quickly lead to high costs. Often the dimensions become visible much later in daily practice. A reversal is often impossible now.


But what is the right way?


To create transparency

During initial discussions with you on site or with us, our employees will get to know your company and your ideas. We make your wishes our personal concern. Our staff will listen well, will advise you, probably report from other projects. Together you will work out possible solutions. The first discussions are free of charge and completely non-binding. That goes without saying for us. If you do not feel understood or there are too many ambiguities, we are the wrong partner for you. But even then you take a lot of new knowledge as a good basis in negotiations with other providers. You can only win!


Plan with all factors

In order to make something tangible from the solution approaches, our employees will work out further concrete plans in future, which should be implemented. Our ERP software Kolibri is very flexible and can be customized to your company. These follow-up appointments are settled on a fair basis. In our pricing policy (click here) you will quickly realize that the costs will be kept to a minimum. Our employees will have a lot of discussions in all areas of your company in a short time. This will make sure that nothing is forgotten.
The result is a performance description (formerly what was called in the IT area specification), which can also serve as the basis of the contract. You do not want to buy the proverbial cat in a poke! Doubts arise in this time about your or our approach, you still have the opportunity to get out of the project. In any case, you will receive the specifications that not only provide an ideal basis for later negotiations with whom, but also reflect the current status of your company. Here, too, they can only win!


Gradual growth

If Kolibri is configured according to your wishes and your old data has been transferred to the new system as far as possible, it is now about putting it into operation in practice. From our experience, we know that users in general can quickly tend to feel overwhelmed with something new. We encounter this through good training and the fact that we unlock individual software functions for each user, which allows users to get used to the new system and make it much easier to get started. One of the strengths of Kolibri is that the operation of all areas are always very similar. Once you understand the system, new areas open up much easier.


Advancement of Kolibri

Despite careful action, something may have been forgotten or, over time, internal or external factors in relation to your business may change so that what we need to change in our software Kolibri to meet your needs again. These claims are nothing special for us at We live a concept that allows our customers to stay in close relationship with our development department. New developments are settled on a fair basis (see also our pricing policy) and are included in our standard. This not only means that Kolibri can be constantly re-adjusted to your needs, but that you can also benefit from innovations for other customers. We regularly inform our customers about current events.