As a result, just more

At, you’ll get more for your money!

Our customers do not want the best price. But you want a reasonable price and a correspondingly good return.


Avoid unnecessary costs

  • Our in-house software Kolibri does not contain any third-party modules that incur additional licensing fees or other costs.
  • Our system also works in conjunction with free databases. Even with more than 100 simultaneously active users no performance losses are to be feared.
  • Our software also runs on computers with free operating system such as Linux. Due to the low hardware requirements, you can, for example, Save on new purchases.  

Rent instead of buying

We are not interested in once to “feed” you through a large investment on your part. We are interested in winning you as a long-term partner.
For the start only costs for adjustments, installation and training costs
on. After that, it is only with the low rental fees.
All new developments, whether initiated by customer order or by other factors,
flow into our standard. This not only keeps your ERP system up to date, but also offers you the opportunity to incorporate innovations into your company.


Costs in relation to the benefit

In order to keep the costs incurred for you in a healthy relationship, we only charge the costs for modules actually used as part of our rental model. In addition, we only calculate the number of simultaneously logged-in users in the calculation and not the number of all those created in the system. This is a big difference, as experience shows!
The goal is that the regular costs for you may not be significant, but of course we want to keep in the sum total of our customers our forest inventory and development process.