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In practice, e.g. often the combination of chaotic warehousing and fairground system for optimal production support. In our Kolibri ERP system, different types of bearings can be run in parallel.

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After a one-time setup of the basic structures of the storage facilities, Kolibri controls the storage and retrieval taking into account various optimization methods (for example, first in / first out, etc.).

Pluspunkt für software4.enterprises

By postings at the source and destination, e.g. With a scanner, you can exactly understand which goods went which way and when. In the case of bottlenecks, this can be achieved, for example, by Derive optimizations. 

Inventory control can be performed with and without detailed bin management.

If no exact storage management is to be used, the so-called “PPS warehouse” is used. In this case, the storage location can be stored in the article master data, but the individual stock postings do not contain an exact storage bin. However, batch number and status (U – unpainted / L – coated) can be registered.

For exact storage management, our so-called high-bay warehouse is used. Here, shelves, floors and containers must be precisely defined. These definitions are made using the integrated warehouse generation tool. If this prerequisite is fulfilled and the article is assigned to this warehouse management, a separate goods receipt module is automatically used when accessing the article. Here, in the goods receipt process, one or more containers are assigned to the article quantity in which the articles are stored. The system automatically knows on which shelves these containers are assigned and searches for the next shelf in which there is still a space available. If he finds no started shelf, he assigns the container type a new floor and puts the container in the first place. This shelving system can be run in different modes, e.g. (First in / First out) (Allowance not allowed / allowed) … Important: a continuous inventory is only guaranteed if allowances are deactivated.

The system is served on the shelf with the so-called mobile client, this means, each added or outsourced item is displayed there with the exact storage space and must be confirmed at the end of the booking there. During the removal, a label with detailed data of the order (customer, article, storage bin, quantity, total weight, etc.) can also be printed.