Kolibri Web

Kolibri Web supports sales and service activities at the customer’s suburb. KolibriWebdirectly accesses data in the head office via a special communication which we believe to be secure. No data is stored on the internet!


The most important functions at a glance:

The Dashboard

The Kolibri Web dashboard can be customized by any user. Any number of windows, e.g. for sales lists, address lists or activity creation. It creates an easy-to-overview work environment with fast access to your data.

KolibriWeb Dashboardansicht

Address management

The special feature of the address management is in addition to the intuitive operation, the possibility of a sophisticated filter system addresses to regroup again and again to plan marketing and sales promotions and perform.

KolibriWeb Adressverwaltung


Selling successfully requires goal-oriented action. Via the “Sales” project, you control activities to be carried out until successful completion or cancellation by the customer. Through a Profit Loss Evaluation, you will learn to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses.

KolibriWeb Projektverwaltung


Organizing appointments and other activities should not miss a calendar overview. It’s easy to see where you still have air and what’s on the program.

KolibriWeb Kalendar