Kolibri Web

Kolibri Web supports sales and service activities at the customer’s suburb or on the road. This is made possible with a browser based user-interface that is available for all devices from handy to deskop that support a modern browser.

For integration in Android® is a separate app  available.

The user interface is highly customizable to your needs.

The shown informations are subject to permissions so the needed informations are simpler to access.

Various links allow to navigate between informations intuitively.

Kolibri web-Crm ist the tool that can support your activities while aquiring new customers, and also when extending existing buisness relations.

A live-demonstration is available with https://crm.s4e.ch/webCrm-Demo to login use user demo and password demo.

The most important functions at a glance:

The Dashboard

The Kolibri Web dashboard can be customized by any user. Any number of windows, e.g. for sales lists, address lists or activity creation. It creates an easy-to-overview work environment with fast access to your data.

Address management

The special feature of the address management is in addition to the intuitive operation, the possibility of a sophisticated filter system addresses to regroup again and again to plan marketing and sales promotions and perform.


Selling successfully requires goal-oriented action. Via the “Sales” project, you control activities to be carried out until successful completion or cancellation by the customer. Through a Profit Loss Evaluation, you will learn to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses.


Organizing appointments and other activities should not miss a calendar overview. It’s easy to see where you still have air and what’s on the program.