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The connection of your accounting system is integrated…

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Solid Edge is already fully integrated. Kolibri also handles the management of CAD data via its own PLM (Product Lifecycle Management). Comfortable, clear, automated. Operation is hummingbird standard. No separate PLM system is required!

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Telephone interface …

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DATEV interface

Our module Kolibri Finance includes i.a. Open items – administration, dunning and statistical queries. Furthermore, balticERP has a Datev interface, with which you can use not only the Datev financial accounting, but also other accounting systems. All invoices, credit memos, address data for the person accounts as well as the cash register entries are transferred to the financial accounting via this interface.

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Open item administration

The management of the open items shows them all receivables. This means all invoices and credits that are not paid or settled. In this dialog, you can declare documents (for example, enter the payment amount in invoices and mark them as paid), determine the total of open invoices for a customer, print dunning lists and dunning letters. When printing reminders, the predefined dunning levels are set. Also, dunning blocks for individual documents are managed here.

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The Statistics utility offers you numerous analysis options for your company. From the freely definable statistics to the product group statistics – the extensive evaluations offer you the right result for every purpose.

The detailed customer / article statistics gives you information about which customer has bought which items and grouped them by customer. Thus, you always have your customer sales at a glance. The possibility to limit the period allows you to compare several periods with each other.

With the article / customer statistics, you can understand which items were purchased by which customer.

Unlike the customer / article statistics, this statistic is grouped by article. You also have the option of comparing several periods.

The product groups / customer statistics provides you with an overview of the customer sales from the individual product groups grouped by product group. Thus, you can understand which customers have made sales with which product group. The possibility to limit the period allows you to compare several periods with each other.

The seller / article statistics gives you information about the sold items of a seller. Thus, you can see how much sales a salesman has made.

The detailed location / article statistics gives you an overview of the article sales grouped by location. The locations refer to the addresses of the customers to whom the items were sold.