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All employees who are in contact with the customer are always up to date. A filter ensures that employees can only see the customers and contacts that are relevant for them.

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Documents can be stored via our DMS and assigned to customers, marketing projects, activities and many more. This makes them easy to find when needed.

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KolibriWeb is our web application that uses a special encryption method to make customer data accessible via the internet. KolibriWeb supports e.g. the field service in the care and new acquisition of customers. Activities and reports can be saved promptly in the ERP system. The coordination with the head office is much easier and everyone is always up to date.


Our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and DMS (Document Management System) offers you many advantages in the administration and documentation of customers, partners, data and sales processes. These systems support both your internal and external communication in the customer process with reliable figures, data and facts to focus attention on key account customers (Key Account Management) and to identify weaknesses in the dialogue with the customer.


  • Contacts
  • Events
  • Resubmissions
  • Workflows
  • Documents